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Smith v. O’Neill, 2020 WL 369505 (N.Y. App. Div. 1st Dep’t, Jan. 23, 2020)

Smith v. O’Neill: NYPD Evidence Collection Team members may be entitled to Detective status and compensation.  {5 minutes to read}  The New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) has a long history of attempting to use non-Detective police officers to perform Detective-level work in order to curtail costs. In one of our cases, Smith v. O’Neill,[1] a […]

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Domestic Workers in New York: What Does the Bill of Rights Cover?

Senators Kamala Harris and Pramila Jayapal have recently introduced the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Act in an effort to provide federal protections to domestic workers. The lack of federal protections has contributed to the exploitation, harassment, and economic insecurity domestic workers face. It is unclear if or when this bill would become a law. […]

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Mathis v Educare Community Living Corp, et al

{Read in 7 minutes}  At the end of November, we filed a lawsuit entitled Mathis v Educare Community Living Corp, et al. Educare is a large community living corporation that does business in the United States. It’s a division of the ResCare Corporation, which provides all kinds of home health-aide services.

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Fusion Wireless Overtime Lawsuit

This class action was filed by two former hourly employees of Fusion Wireless, a cellular company with locations throughout the New York metropolitan area and Long Island.  The action is brought on behalf of all non-managerial employees who worked in excess of 40 hours per week and who were not paid proper overtime as mandated […]

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Kudo v. Panda Express

This action was instituted to address a failure to pay overtime to General Managers of Panda Express Restaurants nationwide. The complaint alleges that General Managers across the country were required to work in excess of 40 hours per work week without overtime pay. The complaint further alleges that Panda Express misclassified these managers as exempt […]

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Ahmed v. TJ Maxx

This action was instituted to address overtime claims by Assistant Managers at TJ Maxx. Assistant Managers are often required to work in excess of fifty and sixty hours in a week, performing tasks typically performed by hourly workers, but without the legally mandated overtime pay of time and one-half. Downloads: TJ Maxx Overtime Complaint

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