Stuckey v. Yellow-Roadway Corporation

This action was instituted by various hourly employees to address nationwide discrimination by the Yellow-Roadway Corporation and their Unions. Instances of discrimination include the creation of a hostile work environment and open bigotry by employees who felt empowered by their union and supervisors who joined in on treating Black employees as less than White employees. The complaint also alleges that the Union discriminated against its Black members by failing to advocate for their rights in a manner equal to those of their White counterparts.

  1. YRC Race Discrimination Complaint

Sweeney v. United States Postal Service (Mail Carriers)

This action was instituted by a group of Smithtown Postal workers who oppose actions by the USPS and its agencies which illegally targeted older employees in an effort to force them into retirement. In doing this, the USPS utilized various techniques including creating a hostile work environment, overly disciplining older employees, and further harassing and insulting older workers. These policies violate the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”).

  1. USPS Smithtown Age Discrimination Complaint

Johnson v. Nassau County Social Services

This action was instituted to address the County of Nassau’s policy of not paying employees with less than ten years of tenure for their overtime hours which were banked over the course of their employment. These hours were banked for overtime worked, vacation days or sick days which were not used. Essentially, these workers were required to work overtime without compensation at all.

  1. Nassau County Social Services Overtime Complaint
  2. Court Order Conditionally Certifying Overtime Class

Gambino v. Harvard Protection (Security Guards)

This action was instituted to address Harvard Protection’s failure to pay security guards proper overtime when they worked in excess of 40 hours per work week. Rather, guards received a single paycheck denoting the first forty hours as straight time and were compensated at two thirds their regular rate for the second forty hours, essentially compensating them with straight time for all hours worked.

  1. Court Approved Notice of Lawsuit and Consent to Sue to all Harvard Security Guards and Fire Safety Directors employed from February 8, 2007 to the present.
  2. Gambino Amended Complaint
  3. Court Order Granting Conditional Certification of Harvard Protection Security Guard and-or Fire Safety Director Collective Class

Hundreds rally against local oil company accused of racial discrimination

HOUSTON — Rev. Peter Johnson and civil rights activist Sara Kane joined hundreds of African American workers and local residents Monday in a rally against a company they say is doing nothing to prevent racial harassment of minority workers.
The protest was held in front of the Mickey Leland Federal Office Building on 1919 Smith Street around 11:30 a.m.
Protesters urged for a federal investigation of Turner Industries in Houston, claiming there are nooses and rebel flags hung up at the factory. They feel this is a violation of their civil rights.
Turner, a 1.6 billion dollar company that services the oil industry, has had issues in the past related to civil rights in other cities.
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Turner Industries to face lawsuit for discrimination

Sara Kain of Valli Kane and Vagnini
Sara Kain of Valli Kane and Vagnini

BATON ROUGE, La (NBC33) – Civil rights leaders announced today that Baton Rouge-based Turner Industries is being sued for discrimination by several of its employees.
Turner Industries released a statement denying any discriminatory actions, but one employee tells a much different story.
“All the years of frustration and pain that I went through,” Yvonne Turner, former employee at Turner Industries, said a press conference held in Baton Rouge. “I’m tired and it’s time for me to speak up.”
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011