Sarah Alica Lindsley — Omni Hotels and Resorts

"Valli Kane & Vagnini gives you the knowledge, courage and power to fight back!"

Sarah Alica Lindsley — Omni Hotels and Resorts

I want to sincerely thank James, Monica, and the entire Valli Kane & Vagnini Law Firm for their passionate commitment to fight against discrimination! I personally interviewed with three well known reputable discrimination law firms, who all wanted to represent me and my case. It was an easy choice to select Valli Kane &  Vagnini Law Firm and James specifically!

James was the only partner from the three law firms with whom I interviewed who personally spent over an hour with me. He patiently allowed me to fully explain my very emotional personal experience. It was obviously apparent  that he genuinely cared!
He was also truthful and straight forward, offering the positive along with the negative, that would come with this very important decision that I was now facing. He cared about my life as a single mother! He wanted me to be sure that I fully understood the extent of the potential consequences if I did decide to move forward.
James and Monica have been there for me every step of the way! Their support has helped me to make it through this very difficult process! They know their job and they do it well! They are passionate, sincere, and caring professionals!
I highly recommend  Valli Kane & Vagnini Law Firm!! Thank you for sincerely caring about my personal life, and thank you for helping the little guys, like me, just trying to stand up for fairness & equality in this sometimes very unfair harsh world! From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough!


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