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AAA Class Action

AAA Arizona Customer Service Reps settle for over $250,000

Our employment lawyers successfully negotiated an over $250,000 settlement for call center operators at AAA’s Tucson, Arizona office. These dedicated employees filed a collective action lawsuit, to fight not only for their own rights, but on behalf of others, who they alleged were also subject to  not being compensated for the work they were expected to perform before clocking in.

It was Plaintiffs’ contention that at the Tucson call center, employees were required to begin accepting calls from AAA customers as soon as they arrived, necessitating them to set up their computers before the day officially started, so they could be ready to immediately respond to calls. Defendants disputed the claims. 

Unfortunately, this practice, commonly known as pre-shift work without pay, is prevalent in many work places and it is also illegal. It is crucial to understand that you must be compensated for the time spent on pre-shift work, which includes activities such as signing into your company’s system, starting your computer, or making yourself available for calls. Furthermore, if the cumulative pre-shift work puts you over 40 hours per week, you are entitled to overtime pay.

Unpaid wages and improper overtime practices are clear violations of the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a critical piece of legislation designed to protect employees. The best way to substantiate your case in such situations is through keeping your own meticulous records, including timesheets and paystubs. We strongly recommend keeping these payroll documents to be in a better position to assist an attorney in assessing potential claims you may have against your current or former employer.

If you believe that your employer is not adhering to FLSA laws and failing to compensate you accordingly, you may be entitled to compensation. Take action today by reaching out to an experienced employee rights attorney who can empower you to learn your rights, potentially fight back and work to ensure that you are protected. Article: View Here

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