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Sexual Harassment Attorneys

“The battle for the individual rights of women is one of long standing and none of us should countenance anything which undermines it.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you Need a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

Sexual harassment comes in many forms but can generally be broken out into two broad categories. The first category is often easy to spot. It typically comes in the form of an outright statement that a date or sexual favor will result in a promotion or pay raise. Many times, these requests are accompanied with threats of penalties for non-compliance. This kind of sexual harassment is often referred to as quid pro quo — you get something if you give something.

Sexual harassment has a darker side that is not always so evident. More commonly, sexual harassment comes in the form of a hostile work environment, lost job opportunities or lower wages. It can take the form of a pinch at the water cooler, dirty jokes meant to embarrass a person or other inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can take place over the course of many years and can be ignored repeatedly by management.

If you are experiencing overt or subtle sexual harassment at your job, contact a sexual harassment attorney at VKV as soon as possible. We have extensive trial experience helping workers gain the knowledge, power and courage they need to fight back.

What will a lawyer specializing in sexual harassment do for you?

  • Gather records and investigate the specifics of your claim
  • Investigate the company’s past history and policies
  • Determine the full financial value of your losses, including punitive damages
  • Negotiate a fair resolution for a settlement, or change in working environment

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

During your initial free consultation, we will listen and evaluate your case to determine whether filing a claim with the EEOC is the best option. Whether sexual harassment comes in the form of quid pro quo harassment or pervasive sexist comments that creates a hostile work environment, the EEOC is often the appropriate first step, but it may not be your final step. Often, a lawsuit is necessary to obtain the best outcome.

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