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Civil Rights Lawyers

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

National Civil Rights Violations Attorneys

Workplace discrimination and the abuse of federal labor laws affect more than your job satisfaction. When your employer’s actions or policies infringe on your safety, earnings or equal opportunity for promotions, it becomes a matter of protecting your civil rights.

At VKV, we understand how difficult it is for an individual to fight back against his or her corporation. Protecting your civil rights is a daunting challenge. It has taken courageous men and women in the United States decades of struggles to get basic voting, education and workplace rights. When it comes to your civil rights, the struggle is always worth it.

We Give You the Knowledge, Courage and Power You Need

If you are considering filing a complaint involving a civil rights violation at work, you can expect your employer to fight back aggressively. VKV is the employment discrimination law firm that people come to when they are searching for the knowledge and power to stand up and fight to protect their civil rights on the job.

We are an experienced, boutique law firm that is ready to fight aggressively to help you protect your rights. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your circumstances. We will give you an honest, clear assessment of your case and make sure you understand your legal options.

From our offices in Garden City, New York we represent clients who face racial discrimination and other civil rights violations in communities throughout the United States, including Nassau County, Long Island, the New York City area, and many areas in Texas, Georgia, New Mexico and Indiana.

Individual and Class Action Lawsuits

Employees who talk to our workplace rights attorneys about employment discrimination and other civil rights violations are often surprised to learn that they are not alone. If you are concerned about your civil rights, you may be eligible to join other employees as part of a group, mass or significant class action lawsuit. We have extensive litigation experience in individual and class action suits.

Your Rights. Our Fight.

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