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Wrongful Termination

“Rights that do not flow from duty well performed are not worth having.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Were You Fired Unfairly? Protect Your Rights.

At the heart of every wrongful termination case is a story of discrimination or retaliation. If you think you have been fired improperly, you may be entitled to seek damages. For many cases of wrongful termination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may provide a means to a fair resolution. You may also have a case for an individual or class action lawsuit for compensation, including punitive damages.

The principal attorneys at VKV provide more than a combined 40 years of employment law experience. Through negotiations, mediation and trial proceedings, our lawyers have helped thousands of clients find the best possible resolution after suffering a wrongful termination or other civil rights violation on their job.

Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation about your wrongful termination case. We will explain the law clearly and give you an honest assessment of what you must prove in order to obtain a fair settlement or win in court. We represent clients throughout the country, including Nassau County, communities throughout Long Island and the New York City metro area.

Harassment and Discrimination are Subtle and Easy to Hide

To win a wrongful termination lawsuit, your employment law attorney will need to look beneath the surface of the facts. At VKV, we know that discrimination is often subtle and easy to cover up by using a variety of tactics. We investigate your employer’s past hiring and firing practices, as well as the methods used for terminating employees.

For example, just because the department supervisor is a minority, it doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have an unspoken policy of rejecting minority job applicants or firing minorities illegally. We look at the entire history of the company and its policies.

  • Are you a member of one of the protected classes including race, nationality, gender or religious affiliation?
  • Were you treated differently because of your membership in a protected class?
  • Did you get fired because of your membership in a protected class?

If you are able to provide evidence that you were fired because of discrimination or retaliation because you stood up for your rights on the job, you may have a legitimate claim to file as an individual or join a class action lawsuit.

Your Rights. Our Fight.

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