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Cheryl L. Wade – Harold F. McNiece Professor of Law – St. Johns University

“I teach law at St. John’s University School of Law.  James Vagnini was a featured speaker at a major conference I organized on race and gender issues in the corporate workplace. Every year I invite James to teach a class in employment discrimination.  James is the highlight of the semester for me and my students.  I invite James because I want my students to hear about the complexity and variety of the cases he so expertly handles.  I most admire the fact that James works extremely hard for his clients in the courtroom and outside of the courthouse.  He is a talented litigator, a patient counselor for his clients, and a civil rights activist who engages the media, politicians and the public in general on the pressing issue of workplace discrimination.”

Cheryl L. Wade – Harold F. McNiece of Law

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