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Eric M. – Dallas, Texas

“Racism is a process of evil and ignorance. I began my fight against institutional racism in 2005 when I started working for Allied Aviation in Dallas, Texas. Coming from professional football where color took a backseat to teamwork, I was devastated to see that in this modern age managers and co-workers could not see past the color of skin. I, along with numerous other African-American and Hispanic co-workers, were subjected to constant racial threats, symbols and epithets which left permanent scars that can be forgiven, but not forgotten. The environment was so bad we had no choice but to fight back for our own health and sanity. To me, if you do not stand for SOMETHING, you’ll truly fall for anything.
We could not fight this fight alone, however. We called upon James Vagnini and his firm in New York to lead this fight. Without Valli Kane & Vagnini’s determination and know-how, we would not have made it through. After VKV’s relentless fight, we convinced the Federal Government to join in our fight against Allied and we were ultimately vindicated when the company not only compensated us for the harm they caused, but they were forced to commit to companywide changes and measures that would protect their minority employees well into the future.
In the darkest times at Allied, we learned that knowledge is power and the attorneys at VKV had plenty of it. I am extremely thankful for the attorneys and their tireless effort to see us through this time.”

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