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Valli Kane & Vagnini gives you the knowledge,
courage and power to fight back!

Valli Kane & Vagnini gives you the knowledge, courage and power to fight back!

Valli Kane & Vagnini LLP - National Job Discrimination Attorneys

At the employment litigation law offices of VKV, we believe the most important service your attorney can provide is to give you the courage that comes with knowledge. When you come to us for a free consultation about your employment issue, we will listen to you with the compassion you deserve. We will clearly explain the laws that govern your issue so that you will have the knowledge to make an informed decision. When you have a VKV attorney representing your cause, you have the knowledge and power to act with courage.

Black New Yorkers Strike Back

Black New Yorkers strike back at city program that seized their properties for developers The plaintiffs say the program unfairly aided gentrification and pushed Black and Latino residents out of their homes and neighborhoods. Sherlivia Thomas-Murchison’s mother worked for nearly
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Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia (Decided June 15, 2020)

{6 minutes to read}  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating against an individual “because of such individual’s … sex.” 42 U.S.C. § 2000e-2(a)(1). In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court held in Bostock
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The Restrictions on Attorney Fees and Settlements in FLSA Deals

{6 minutes to read}  Earlier this year, the United States Court of Appeals in the Second Circuit made a decision that will change how courts analyze attorney’s fees in the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) actions. It is widely accepted
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Smith v. O’Neill, 2020 WL 369505 (N.Y. App. Div. 1st Dep’t, Jan. 23, 2020)

Smith v. O’Neill: NYPD Evidence Collection Team members may be entitled to Detective status and compensation.  {5 minutes to read}  The New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) has a long history of attempting to use non-Detective police officers to perform Detective-level
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Rape Trauma Syndrome and Common Rape Myths

{5 minutes to read}  In January, former Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein faced trial in New York Supreme Court. Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by at least 80 women in the past few years, faced
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Pregnancy and Pay Discrimination Suit Reversed on Appeal

Lenzi v. Systemax, Inc.: Pregnancy and Pay Discrimination Under Title VII {5 minutes to read} Our client, Plaintiff Lenzi, was the Vice President of Risk Management for Systemax, Inc. She alleged that she was paid below-market rate for her position,
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Domestic Workers in New York: What Does the Bill of Rights Cover?

Senators Kamala Harris and Pramila Jayapal have recently introduced the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Act in an effort to provide federal protections to domestic workers. The lack of federal protections has contributed to the exploitation, harassment, and economic insecurity
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Criminalizing Wage Theft, New Jersey, New York, and California

Janitors, servers, and construction workers have something in common. They are likely to face wage theft in industries that underpay and undervalue their workers. To address wage theft, workers have filed private lawsuits and/or have reached out to their state
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Attorney-Client Privilege concept

Fischman v. MCHA: Privilege and Confidentiality Regarding In-House Counsel

Privilege and Confidentiality in the Attorney Client Relationship  Regarding In-House Counsel and Their Employer Fischman v. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings America, Inc.(18-cv-08188) {3 minutes to read}  Attorney client privilege is an integral part of our legal system.  As most situations that
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SB7848A Increases Worker’s Ability to Bring Claims of Sexual Harassment to Court

By Shaloni Pinto and Aimee Christianson {Read in 4 minutes}  With the passage of New York Senate Bill 7848A, the state will make it easier for workers to bring sexual harassment claims to court. Aimed to prevent sexual harassment in
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Babb v. Wilkie – The ADEA and Federal Employees Over Forty

By Shaloni Pinto and Aimee Christianson {Read in 4 minutes}  Ms. Norris Babb alleges that her employer, the Department of Veterans Affairs, denied her advancement opportunities due to her age and gender, and retaliated against her after she filed complaints
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SCOTUS Finds Leniency in Exhausting EEOC Administrative Filing Requirements

By: Aimee Christianson and Shaloni Pinto  {Read in 4 minutes}  On June 3, 2019, the Supreme Court released their decision in the case Fort Bend County v. Davis [No. 18-125], which involves Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claim filing disagreements.
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Employment Overwatch: The EEOC

{Read in 5 minutes} In my previous post, I wrote about the impact an impending Supreme Court decision may have on employee protections — particularly LGBT employees. The issue is whether or not sex discrimination as prohibited by Title VII includes
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Interpreting Title VII

{Read in 4 minutes}  When I was in law school 20 years ago, I wrote an article on legislation before Congress referred to as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act or “ENDA.” This legislation was aimed at expanding Title VII’s coverage to
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Bovitz v. Wells Fargo – A Discrimination Lawsuit

{Read in 2:30 minutes}  Imagine dedicating almost 35 years to the financial industry. You work hard. You are successful. You build an impressive book of business. And yet, you are continuously hindered from reaching your potential – not because you
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Are Doctors Entitled to Unpaid Compensation in New York?

{3 minutes to read}  Currently pending in the New York State Supreme Court for Kings County is a class-action lawsuit styled Okeke v. Interfaith Medical Center, et al. The plaintiff, Theophilus Okeke, is a former emergency room physician at Interfaith
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Mathis v Educare Community Living Corp, et al

{Read in 7 minutes}  At the end of November, we filed a lawsuit entitled Mathis v Educare Community Living Corp, et al. Educare is a large community living corporation that does business in the United States. It’s a division of
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Employer Discrimination by Disparate Impact

{Read in 3:30 minutes}  In my last article, I discussed a pattern of discrimination in terms of the disparate impact on African Americans. But what does “disparate impact” mean?  In 1971 the Supreme Court adopted the position of the Equal
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Fire Department Discrimination Against African American Non-Firefighter Employees

{Read in 2:30 minutes} The New York City Fire Department is filled with extremely brave men and women, some out in the field and many behind the scenes. While there is certainly a long and illustrious history of dedication and incredible
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Workplace Discrimination or Harassment? What Should You Do!!

{Read in 6 minutes}  Recently I posted an article reminding employees that they must file a harassment complaint within 180-300 days after the latest occurrence. While working on that blog, the question came up about what an employee should do
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