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Punitive Damages now more readily available in NYC Human Rights Law cases

A recent legal decision increases the likelihood that successful plaintiffs will be able to recover punitive damages when asserting discrimination claims in New York City.

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Gender Pay Gap

Women seemingly always have fought an uphill battle in the fight for wage equality with their male counterparts. As the number of women in the workforce has increased over the years, that gap between male and female wage earners has gotten narrower, but the gulf is still perhaps too wide compared to what it should […]

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Let the Mother Beware: Pregnancy in the Workplace

It is somewhat hard to believe in this day and age that women experiencing pregnancy in the workplace are still being subjected to workplace policies that put their livelihood in jeopardy. Despite federal laws dating back to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and several updates and addendums, there are still employers in the United […]

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Employment Discrimination-Know Your Rights

Discrimination in the workplace may be difficult to define but when it occurs, you should be aware and ready to take action. Under no circumstance is employment discrimination okay. It is important to know what qualifies as unfair and what factors you should consider before filing a lawsuit against an employer. Understanding employment discrimination in […]

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Lawful Termination or Gender and Age Discrimination?

In Suffolk County, New York a case against the Mattituck–Cutchogue School District has become a major source of suspense for higher ups in the District. The plaintiff, Anthony Claudio, claims the district fired him from his position as a special education teacher because of his age and his gender. While there has been no verdict […]

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$4 Million Victory Against Turner Industries

Jury returns verdict of over $4 million for two East Texas employees of Turner Industries subjected to racial steering, denial of advancement and racial harassment. These are two plaintiffs in a wave of hundreds to be tried. Since early 2009, Valli Kane & Vagnini and DiNovo Price & Ellwanger have jointly represented their clients in […]

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