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Mathis v Educare Community Living Corp, et al

{Read in 7 minutes}  At the end of November, we filed a lawsuit entitled Mathis v Educare Community Living Corp, et al. Educare is a large community living corporation that does business in the United States. It’s a division of the ResCare Corporation, which provides all kinds of home health-aide services.

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Employer Discrimination by Disparate Impact

{Read in 3:30 minutes}  In my last article, I discussed a pattern of discrimination in terms of the disparate impact on African Americans. But what does “disparate impact” mean?  In 1971 the Supreme Court adopted the position of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”). In Griggs v. Duke Power Co. (1971), the Court invalidated an […]

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Fire Department Discrimination Against African American Non-Firefighter Employees

{Read in 2:30 minutes} The New York City Fire Department is filled with extremely brave men and women, some out in the field and many behind the scenes. While there is certainly a long and illustrious history of dedication and incredible courage, unfortunately over the years there have also been repeated allegations of racial discrimination. As […]

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Workplace Discrimination or Harassment? What Should You Do!!

{Read in 6 minutes}  Recently I posted an article reminding employees that they must file a harassment complaint within 180-300 days after the latest occurrence. While working on that blog, the question came up about what an employee should do if they are the victim of harassment. Report the Behavior First and foremost, report the […]

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Wage and Hour Litigation: Are You Being Paid What You Deserve?

{6 minutes to read}  In addition to employment discrimination the firm practices wage and hour litigation. Wage and hour litigation is mostly comprised of two separate violations, minimum wage and overtime.  The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the New York Labor Law (NYLL) delineate the rules for employers regarding paying Minimum Wage and Overtime.

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New York State’s Sweeping Anti-Sexual Harassment Legislation

{Read in 4 minutes} In response to the #MeToo Movement, New York State and New York City overhauled their sexual harassment policies to give women additional protection in the workplace. It is important that women know they now have additional rights that they did not have before. It is also important that employers know they […]

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